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Song Of The Day! BENEE Delivers Emotional Beauty In Single ‘Want Me Back’.

“I have what’s called my BENEEvision,” said the Auckland New Zealand born singer, BENEE. “It’s the idea that all of my music, visuals and content contribute to a greater artwork. Right now, I have a blank canvas. I want to pick different mediums, smash them all together through music and physical art, and collaborate with as many different creatives as possible. I use the example of a Jackson Pollock painting.”

Chaos and majestic harmony? A natural phenomenon that is hard to fathom, for many. But like the Universe out there, both ‘chaos’ and ‘harmony’ are couple of the pillars that keep this dimension going forward, as we see it.

BENEE does the same with her relentless musical prowess, as she continues to produce some of the most dazzling of pop tunes to come out.

Genre bending and amplifying, there’s a mystical undertone that is very rare from a pop artist of modern contention. BENEE’s sultry and indicative vocals, are ripe with feelings from innocence and posthumous maturity, as it drives up a storm of personal histrionics with relatable cascades of love, loss and possibilities.

In 2019, her work had come to another milestone signing with Republic Records, preparing for the world-wide release of her debut EP.

She stated: “I like the flexibility to cross genres,” says BENEE, “To have the creative space to mix it up and not be confined to one sound.”

“With the media and societal expectations there is this kind of image that people want to see,” added BENEE. “For me, I never want to be something that I’m not or something that I don’t want to be. I want the whole BENEE project to be my artistic truth.”

We’d gotten to know BENEE through her previous singles ‘Soaked’ and “Evil Spider’. Both as unique and diverse as ‘Want Me Back’, they hit all of the right points and exudes with compelling proposals.

“I want to be a powerful, strong woman who people can look up to,” said BENEE. “I want to be honest, and I want to be myself.”

We think that’s why her music hits the mark.

Look for her to keep on taking territory as she thrives in 2019.



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