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Song Of The Day! Benedikt Shares ‘Havana Nights’. Such Yearning, Passion, Tempered Optimism.

BENEDIKT is an interpretive dancer, expressed with words and the body. He’s an artist and we can’t help but feel that watching and listening to his single ‘Havana Nights’, we’d been to another dimension and back.

Song Of The Day!

Are we back?

Not sure yet.

The sky and the buildings, and the people look similar.

Are they the original?

Does it matter?

We see this single as a broadway show with such conviction, and talent. BENEDIKT has much to say, and has done his utmost to find the right ingredients to express such palpable emotions, sonically and visually.

Such yearning.

Such passion.

Such tempered optimism.

Such love for the love of life.

Melt your inhibitions away.

You can.



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