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Song Of The Day! Benjamin Jason Douglas Shares ‘Raggedy Andy Williams’.

Songwriter BENJAMIN JASON DOUGLAS sews the emotional and cinematic extravaganza for us, in his single ‘Raggedy Andy Williams’.

Song of the day!

Just listen to the chorus. With the husky vocal attenuation and oscillations give off the aura of being there with the protagonist(s) in the song. We relied deeply in the explaining from the lyrics. And then we assumed the best from Benjamin’s pay-off.

And he didn’t disappoint.

In the best tradition of folk/Americana story tellers, BJD is a fabulous addition to the general discourse of music and what the genre can bring to the awareness we, regular folks, demand & desire. BJD brings the heavy hearts in life, a view of the silver lining over that mountain of life. Over looking the cliffs of the soul, we look in the precipice in our selves, in our partners, in our actions, and in the ever present search for truth and fairness.

This is a beautiful song. And we’re sure you’ll be repeating it for many times to come.



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