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Song of The Day! Beta Waves ‘I Had You Wrong’ : Anthemic molecules to produce beautiful and galactic vibes for their fans to feast upon.

Beta Waves / Photo: Ben Douglas

Dale Easson and Harry Crossan together are Beta Waves. A highly skilled and delectably existential project, it brings out the most glistening radiance to the fore. By injecting unsubstantiated impossibilities, they crush anthemic molecules to produce beautiful and galactic vibes for their fans to feast upon.

The duo’s imagination and their will to carry those instincts to fruition has garnered them praise and the expectation of solidifying their electronic pop prospects – Scotland and beyond.

Their sleekly polished nostalgia returns but on this special occasion tasting more like champagne than Prosecco as the aroma of disco and vintage electronica quietly perpetuates, allowing Beta Waves’ personality to breath on their most spectacular piece of work to date.

“The main influence for me was Tame Impala,” explained Dale, “and then soon became Jagwar Ma when I heard ‘Howlin’. But there are plenty of other bands I listen to though, like Pond, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and LCD Soundsystem.”

‘I Had You Wrong’ is a sneak attack of pop and digital attack that is a merger of two distinct worlds of sounds. It is draped in the first half with the vocals and rhythms of the indie-pop grace that brings on the anticipation. Sexy and cruel, it surges through the hedges of the stars. Meanwhile, the song brings on another layer of gumption and beauty with it extended latter half of synth embarkments and radical smoothness.

Beta Waves is one to look out for, indeed.


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