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Song Of The Day! Beverly Moon ‘Home’ : They’ll guide you, in the imminently beautiful and destructive. The beckoning. The heartache.

Beverly Moon

Beverly Moon, the Bournemouth, UK based dream pop quartet, knows how to pull your heart strings. ‘Home’ does that with uniquely beautiful blend of vocals and melodic grayness. A heart that knows what it wants, but doesn’t know how to achieve it: that is what it feels like, while in the back of your mind, you just can’t take it anymore. The beckoning. The heartache.

The beauty of its shimmering guitar works and notes depict the vast gaps that lie between each of us – all of us – even when near.

But with gathered deep breaths, and at the end of the day, Beverly Moon’s gorgeous prognostications, deliver a tragic resolution to the love and affection, we’d always desired.

Hold out your hand. They’ll guide you, in the imminently beautiful and destructive.

Beverly Moon debut EP, will bring you to that place. Wherever that may be.


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