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Song Of The Day! biz colletti ‘Fall Again’ : Love again and maybe, even deeper if everything seems right again.

Rising again from a heart, weak and tattered and destitute.

Biz Colletti

Seemingly out of luck, and down and out, the heart felt heavy with tinges of anger and trepidation for the future. The destructive power of a loves’ relationship, reared its ugly head, deciding on another landscape of broken hearts and broken confidence, once more.

So, where do you go from here?

Two tangoed, and dance into a bliss of dedications, sweet nothings, and caresses of the utmost honesty and promise. But now, that is gone. Like a change of the seasons, that warm and dignified feeling of having such a love’s relationship, had vanished and gone into the ether.

Worse yet, it left in its wake the residual powers of confusion, anger, regret, and un-familiarity; a poison of concoctions that made the remaining carcass of a heart, weak and tattered and destitute.

biz colletti’s single ‘Fall Again’, wants us to rise up from that threat. That threat of being comatose into a self-induced depression – a death sentence of the heart, which will be the predictor of its own verification. biz, knows there’s more out there.

Going forward in life, even at the most devastating part of life, is what we all should do.

We must become our own anthem to not deprive ourselves of such gifts – to come.

We must, hence, love again and maybe, even deeper if everything seems right again.

‘Fall Again’ is a beautiful love song, which guides us in a troubled time, as biz’ loving vocals delight in lighting up the darkness.

Looking forward to more.

‘Fall Again’ was written by biz colletti, Matt Kass, Jake Flaherty.


Biz Colletti


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