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Song Of The Day! blurrychords ‘Blue Suit’ (Feat. 쿤디판다, JGP$) : Wonderful trip. Wonderland hypnotics. Aggression with the palpable triumph.


One of the more exciting singles to hit, blurrychords’, ‘Blue Suit’ (Feat. 쿤디판다, JGP$), is a wall art extravaganza that includes elements that tickles all of your senses.

From the radiating bounds of the South Korean indie scene, blurrychords (차종환 / Cha Jong Hwan) delivers a moment of absolute vibrance.

A churning spectacle of absence, ‘Blue Suit’ curries the darkness of one’s own depths, with the perturbed and contrasting effervescence of the future and its ilk.

With rap, hiphop, metal, and salted lyrical existentialism, ‘Blue Suit’ empowers with hard hiding beats and staggered radicalism, un-alterable at the outset and never to be trifled-with.

A hot stove, of burning desire, tangles like the roots of the jungle, penetrating your thoughts and analysis – just for a moment and beyond.

Wonderful trip. Wonderland hypnotics. Aggression with a palpable triumph.


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