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Song Of The Day! bone blanket ‘Chico Feo’ : Beautifully, shiver inducing music of long travels and memories abound.

bone blanket

“‘Chico Feo’ is that place where you are always envisioning being a perfect form of escape. But you can never really get there. It’s about disregarding the monotony of normal life through vices. But you can never really deny the self-doubt and regret the next day.”

That’s what bone blanket, a surprising and decadent rock project of Jeff Pupa, is all about. Since 2008, the acoustic driven and story focused singular prominence, exudes tight verses, resonant exoticism and melodic grandeur.

You can hear it in ‘Chico Feo’. A beautifully, shiver inducing music of long travels and memories abound. A classically early mix of 90’s and 00’s Americana framed goodness, that just pulls al of the emotions from the listener’s attention and engagement.

‘Chico Feo’ brings out the best in the traditions of artists like Lisa Loeb and Duncan Shiek, the effervescent lyrical excellence, tied in shimmering realities in words, delight the senses like reading poetry of heart and inquisition. ‘Chico Feo’ delivers in depth and in all that is pure in song.

‘Chico Feo’ is off of the upcoming full album, ‘All The Hell I Can Get’.

The album drops August 7th.


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