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Song Of The Day! BORG ‘Nonstop’ : Blown away by this stunning offering.

Gorgeous happens.

Borg / Photo: @ellika.h.fotografi

BORG is stunning.

It’s a project by Amanda Ingeborg Runestam and with the release her debut EP, ‘Honest and Cool’, it is powerful and majestic to the n’th degree.

‘Nonstop’ is a brilliant pop fair and is the first track of her debut EP. It is unapologetic in its distinct nature, as Amanda’s consuming vocals dangle slices of life and story telling with absolute talent. The unique skips and staggered elements, play as children do, and is vibrant in any way you’d like to describe them. The play of keys, enter you into the fantastical world of beauty and expected fairytale endings.

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But it’s more complicated than that. And with a change of tone, contrasted by the synth work, it grinds with soul and darkened allusions. The chorus breaks you. As the blues based carry of sight and sound, never lets you go from the get-go.

After having spent a few years in different musical collaborations, lending her unique voice to acts as different as The Honeydrips, Wyomi and Olov Antonsson, Amanda Ingeborg Runestam is now releasing her debut EP, ‘Honest and Cool’, under the solo name of BORG.

Amanda states that the world ‘borg’ means ‘fortress’ in Swedish. It’s also the license for this talented artist to bring back the goodness of alt-pop that the likes of mega stars like Lorde or Madonna once represented.

A change in dynamics, and ritual of talk for pop, is brought to a tribunal for a new and impending dawn with BORG.

Ethereal yet precise soundscapes supporting her outstanding vocals as they tell stories of love and anxieties. A natural force emanating from the deep, dark forests of Sweden, given a neon like sheen of arpeggiated synths and pads.

Anxieties, love, trepidations, comfort are natural sums of emotions that tug at the genesis of BORG’s writing. They are visceral at their core, and when combined with the utter gloriousness of Amanda’s vocals, gorgeous things come to life.

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