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Song Of The Day! Buck the Taxidermist ‘The Ant Song’ : Gorgeous backdrop, pang-ing story telling, ambitious ambience.

Buck The Taxidermist

Gorgeous backdrop, pang-ing story telling, ambitious ambience – some of the descriptions that justifiably drapes the solitude and unity of Buck the Taxidermist’s single ‘The Ant Song’. It’s a piece that is observing and deep, as it coaxes you to see another dimension of dedication, frailties, and limitation of our own possible volition.

Written with the ants that continued to work, as the heavy machinery of man edged closer to their concentration, ‘The Ant Song’ is an insurmountable commentary to the sometimes unenviable task of ignorance, and also of what can be achieved, even in the plight of disaster.

And just like that heavy machinery coming closer to those ants, sometimes a kind of acceptance to the bulldozer experience of the universe that surrounds us, will make our small and maybe ‘insignificant’ order of life, more meaningful.

Well. Who knows.

Horns, groove, and that velvety grit of BTT’s (Kyle Ayres) understated vocals, deliver the story with oomph and awe. From west to east, and from south to north, ‘The Ant Song’ covers all of the essence of its self purveying attributes, with dynamic excellence and beauty.

Gripping indeed.

Buck the Taxidermist consists of talents Kyle Ayres (guitar, vocals), Blake Hester (guitar, vocals), Jacob Gahn (bass), Jacob Warren (drums) and Zac Hamilton (keys, auxiliary, vocals).


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