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Song Of The Day! BYZMUTi ‘iGuess’ : R&B/Soul tinged Prog-Pop grace.

EP ‘Tipota’ is out now.

BYZMUTi / Photo: @thatgoldenhour

From groove to groove, word for word, the lyrical fabulousness of this delicate flower made of iron chains, tease our senses and make us feel really happy. Of course, being happy is ‘to each his/her own’, but it’s a visceral kind of vibe that is ultra-personal, but at the same time an attraction of feelz that could be communicated then interpreted by minds of outside sources.

And when BYZMUTi does its song-thang, it just feels right.

A gleaming tower of voice, notes, staggered pace, all culminate in this single with ease of grace and palpable embrace. A decadent rouse of feeling and non-feelings drivel into a cacophony of gold within the song. ‘iGuess’ is an explanatory gradient, revolving in the quietness of space, ellipses of which the heavenly bodies are bound by the laws of the surrounding dimensions.

‘iGuess’ is the final single from the band’s EP ‘TIPOTA’. From r&b and soul and indie poppin’, Eleni’s gorgeous and interpretive vocals, dance with constance and substance, as the arrangements of the songs gather pace. The palisades of emotions are gently broken down by the pounding of vibin’ cast of sounds.

You become engrossed by the talents of the band.

You become one with the danceable delight of the EP.

You feel content and want to exude the same to your fellow brothers and sisters of humanity.


And writhe in pleasure.

BYZMUTi (biz-MOO-tee) is made of Eleni Sutter, Parker Grogan, Dan Van Duerm, Karolina Prus and Luc Parcell.



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