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Song Of The Day! CAICOS Shares ‘Promised Lands’. “Lose Yourself. It Makes Sense. Hold My Hand.”

Alex Frenkel is CAICOS – a solo work and project with the focus of laying down crinkled textures of notes and harmonies, both in instrument and vocals. The droplets of drew, on that un-touch marshland in the morning precipice of life, quietly drive your senses by the collar of your t-shirt.

Song of the Day!

You obey.

You smirk.

You close your eyes.

CAICOS the philosophy, and its outputs are a gem.

The warm hues of ‘Promised Lands’ and the latest album of the same name – is a HIGH. The crackling and bubbling substance of the lyrics, paints the pictures of surreal oil canvases on that wall of that evening of lower summer days.

It’s that alone-time at the base of the hill, where you sit, looking at the leaves of the trees above. Your hands play with the gentle and refreshing natural stream, as it passes through your hand, digit by digit – saying ‘hello’, then quickly brushing ‘goodbye’.

In August his latest solo album ‘Promised Lands’ dropped and is available now (via veryjazzed records/Frenchkiss Label Group). The album is truly a solo project, where he’s played virtually all of the instruments.

And we believe he HAD TO produce his songs this way – for the emanating stories he wanted to tell, only seemed to be appropriate.

We dig this project of Alex’, a lot.

It’s a small piece of paradise, in a hectic world, and you should dig it too.

Cassettes can be ordered at



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