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Song Of The Day! Calland Shares ‘If We Were Honest’. “So you cry. Inside and out. Calling.”

Out of the past, a song of absolute maturity and insightful gumption, for love and love betrayed, comes this beautifully constructed single of that such love that had slipped through the cracks.

‘If We Were Honest’ indemnifies the character of resistance and ego, with each of our humanity, which lights the way towards reward and reciprocation. But in a love story, there’s bound to be the counter to the highs, with the lowest of emotional turmoil. And in this deep and dark valley, the honesty of it all just pours out. Instigated by the loneliness, amplified by the silence, and haunted by the missing piece of the one you loved, whom doesn’t exist in this caste of reality any longer.

That chapter has ended.

That chapter was burned in effigy a long time ago.


The memories never goes away, with the hurt and suffering that dominate the corner of your mind, your heart, your everyday – suffocates you with undeniable acceptance of your lack of will and courage when you had it so, so good.

So you cry. Inside and out. Calling.

Calling out to the past you, to not make this mistake that will be made.

A fruitless tirade, only made in futility.

This single by the indie-rock duo CALLAND is a significant addition to this musical Universe, with undulating tensions, that break broken hearts can make. Incompatibility, insolvency, righteous indignations, and self absorbed blindness can contribute to a death to that relationship you so desired.

With pop abilities and beautiful sing along (with artist Emilie Weiss @emilieweiss) of genuine vulnerabilities signed on with each breath of words, the son climaxes to a penultimate deliberation.

The battle for this fight ends with a whimper.

Damages done.

Damages accepted.

But we must go on, don’t we?

Timothy Steiner and Alex Greco make up CALLAND and this dynamic musical offering.



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