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Song Of The Day! Carl Louis ‘Portal to Happiness’ : Portend absolutely gorgeous shimmers. Solidifying Carls’ beautiful songwriting.

Carl Louis

Carl Louis’s ‘Portal to Happiness’, portend absolutely gorgeous shimmers and continues the trend in solidifying Carls’ beautiful songwriting. The single delivers an exciting sneak peek of what to come, with a personal challenge to his own sound, drifting into a psych-pop direction that can be compared to the likes of Tame Impala, Vacationer and Caribou, this tranquil gem showcases his determined devotion to craft.

Said Carl: “When I made the first demo I instantly fell in love with the track. For me it had a special vibe. When finishing a project I always try to be true to that instant raw feeling from the first demo…”

Carl Louis grew up on an island outside of Oslo, with the ocean as his closest neighbor. Stranded in the tempest and left to his own devices, it didn’t take long for this blue-eyed boy to catch up to his dreams of the world. And from that early and impressionable stage of life, Carl grew with the determinist mentality of conquering his aims of life and the prospect of music. The ambiguously and grossly decadent vocals of Carl, smoothly slathers across the names and places of journeys and lovers on the plain of story telling.

‘Portal to Happiness’ follows his acclaimed album ‘Silent Soldier’.


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