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Song Of The Day! Carmody ‘Lives Apart’ : An empathy that exudes, and encompasses the heights of humanity. Your humanity.

'Lives Apart'

‘Lives Apart’ is a cast of warmth, within folds of your best self. An empathy that exudes, and encompasses the heights of humanity. Your humanity.

Said Carmody: “Originally it was a song about my relationship with my partner, seeing him in ‘another room’ and trying to feel out the new space between us and move with it. When I wrote the second verse I had recently lost my Dad, so it came to be about our relationship and the ‘other room’ as the afterlife. The chorus is about continuing the bond I have with both my partner and my dad but recognising the ‘new worlds’ that may appear around, or even between, us. There are so many undercurrents continually whirling beneath every relationship and sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge the changes that occur and catch them before people drift away from each other. This becomes particularly difficult when they have passed away, but I’m working on it…”

We’d said of Carmody prior: “Mixing classic poetic folk with lines of shimmering current pop edges, Carmody delights with breathy strength and emotional shimmer of candid revelry. It’s the best we’d heard from Carmody, yet, as the complexity of the song melts into you like soft clouds of sweetness.”

There’s no comparison when Carmody’s vocals of universe, gets going. With deliberate and fleeting ambience, you’re sent off in a different dimension, wanting to be loved or held, once again.

No words, and no words apart, a reticence is mature with the oozing care that brims with pop goodness.


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