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Song Of The Day! Cecil Frena Shares ‘Baby You Got This’ Off Of New Album ‘Pit Boss’.

When you drool, your animal instincts are in overdrive. When you lust over beauty, you crave it to be a part of your physical and emotional being. When you love, you drive yourself mad with uninhibited trials and tribulations. Self inflicted drivel of personal wants and desires; dripping with surges of passion.

CECIL FRENA’s new single off of his new LP ‘PIT BOSS’ is all of those, plus more.

Dynamic and exciting and full of memorable passions, Cecil’s noise rock vocals, dive with elegance and majesty, from song to song. ‘Baby You Got This’ is part of that realm, as the red bearded artists’s electricity is evident, even in the slower singles in the album.

This single is in the best traditions of r&b, rock, art-pop, and nu-disco-tastic vibes that just melt in your mouth as her tongue does when deep throating. It’s a beautifully converging texture of manicured surfaces, twisting muscles, tip to tip at times and aggressive in its understated acumen. And just like that kiss, the thrust and force of it all is always at the edges of perpetual heaving and fantastic progressions in cosmic shine.

Your head goes light, with pleasure.

Your heart goes to dance, before your feet.

You’re having an ah-ha moment.

Provided by CECIL FRENA and his keenly delectable fusion of music goodness.

Cecil is Canadian, and his experimental streak is high and mighty. He’s made many changes to his moniker for his projects, but the under the hood V8 of a song creator is still here and pumpin’ the gas pedal.

Let’s live a little more with Cecil’s latest.

Check out his 11 song album. It’s worth more than a look.



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