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Song Of The Day! Champion Trees Share ‘Glass’.

CHAMPION TREES is a band of 4 students playing guitar orientated music in and around Cape Town, South Africa. Students? Don’t hear it. ‘Glass’ is a fabulous mix of David Bowie, The Strokes, and Gorillaz, coming into a fabulous turn of events, within each individual instrument, while becoming something new and refreshing.

It’s all about the nuance and the subtleties. It’s something to behold and then you listen to the intensity of presentation and then you can hear the differences in altitude from musical bar-to-bar, teasing you with gumption and innovation.

There’s no pre-judgement within the song, as it continues from the beginning to the end, a course of rendering, that just goes on and on and on; brightening up your time and making you bop like the first time you heard LCD Soundsystem.

Yes. It’s good stuff, indeed.

As of now, we don’t know very little about the quartet. But with an offering like ‘Glass’ it won’t be very long until they’ll be comfortable enough to let the world know who they are.



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