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Song Of The Day! CHARLOTTE CORNFIELD’s New Single & Video ‘Andrew’. “The struggle of ‘here and now’ versus, what’s desired, overflows…”

With ever present charm as ever before, CHARLOTTE CORNFIELD is in our eyes, a symbol for what music could be – substantive, introspective, incredibly complex and diabolically minimalistic. The lyrical works of Charlotte just radiates as bright as the sun, as she demonstrates her color painting through her prose. Her latest is the single ‘Andrew’.

Song of the Day!

Immediately, you’re swept by the gentle wisps of tales for the fallouts of relationships within this beautiful single, ‘Andrew’. With the ‘Charlotte touch’, the shimmer of the song doesn’t exist just for the sake of it all; but it exists to enhance the undeniable predicaments of the story. The cast of characters align with the Universe of unforeseen and predicted actions – in lock step with and for fate. Fate isn’t isolated without design, and the protagonists drive, often in demure silence, to muscle through to that other plain.

The struggle of ‘here and now’ versus, what’s desired, overflows, as Charlotte’s empathetic vocals caress and console.

“You free yourself when you take away the script,” says Toronto songwriter Charlotte Cornfield. “That’s where this record came from, dismantling patterns and embracing the process.” Cornfield’s 3rd full length, ‘The Shape of Your Name’ (April 5, 2019).

In the upcoming album she’s collaborated with Grammy-winning engineer Shawn Everett, Broken Social Scene members Brendan Canning, Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin, and Montreal songwriter Leif Vollebekk, to name a few.

“My initial intention wasn’t to make a record at all,” Cornfield remembers. “The whole thing kind of happened by accident. I went to The Banff Centre to do a residency and came out with these recordings that I knew I wanted to use for something but wasn’t sure what.”

Charlotte is an extraordinary and talented artist, whom brings contemporary story telling, with wit, heart, and whip-smart honesty in her lyrical construction. The vision of her singles might have come about with some serendipitous underpinnings, but from what the results indicate, her artful insights and management of her songs, brings us gem after gem of beautiful singles.

Charlotte’s vastness brings all of us to continued admiration in her works.




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