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Song Of The Day! Cherryhead Shares A Touch Of Grace In Single ‘Seasons’.

A song hasn’t gotten to our deeply engrossed sensibilities as ‘Seasons’ has in a long time. The sentimentality of CHERRYHEAD, a project by talented Dane, Jack Kilburn. The singer/songwriter gets at the core of ‘it all’, as the sweeping indie dream-pop aesthetics and substance clutch strongly at your heartstrings and doesn’t let go.

The mix of drum machines, beats, hinting synths and remiss guitar strokes, darken an already darkening tremble of desire that seeks to be recognized.

Relevance is the key to any and all creative thought. But the anchor for significance, to a personal emotion which seeks solace far away, grips in the muscles of ‘Seasons’ rectory. It sings with a demeanor palpable in nature and caressing, as Jack’s deliberate and understated but futuristic vocals shine upon like stairways to the heavens.

The glow of the chorus does you in with a knife like stab with deadly accuracy, as you mindfully recognize your sway in personal dance. You hum to the harmonies, thinking about the past and future, but always present in the now.

A present that is a present from CHERRYHEAD.

From the first words, you’re swept. We were swept.

The hurt, and all the angst, delivers with the kind of gentle force that is like a tsunami just about to crack on the shores of your mind.

But it’s okay. It’ll be alright, once more.

HOPE is ALWAYS AHEAD when Jack sings in this single.

CHERRYHEAD is the solo project that has all of its cylinders aligned and working at full capacity, from note one to the last.

Look for more and an upcoming debut EP soon.

Jack is where you should be.



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