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Song Of The Day! Chersea Shares Single ‘Swan Dive’.

What is worth the price of admission? What will get you satisfied? What will get you to stay for a song? In CHERSEA’s single’s ‘Swan Dive’, the case is clear: what crushes you is the endemic beauty of the tragedy that is sewn into the fabric of the chorus.

Chelsea Laing is the beautiful singer/songwriter behind the project CHERSEA. And in this gorgeous single ‘Swan Dive’ (follow up to her 2018 LP ‘In Limbo’) the hairs on your skin may stand up with emotions, as the drive of the chorus drapes you in exactly the feelz that CHERSEA had intended. The rigorous of relationship, love, loss, and promises that could have been redeemed – all culminate in a diabolically placed set of notes that meticulously and nostalgically deliver.

Electro pop and so much more, CHERSEA’s own emotions seem to be one with her songwriting as ‘Swan Dive’ has taken her body of work to another, deeper level. The artist uses her memories of her own personal hardships, and expertly invites you to feel what she had felt. With absolute top-choice production and attitude, her latest single comes off with flying colors.

‘Swan Dive’ is a beautiful song. And it’s a song that needs repeating, over and over.

Kudos, indeed.



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