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Song Of The Day! CHEZ ALI ‘Adore You’. Debut EP Drops November 9th.

On November 9th, CHEZ ALI will drop his debut EP, and it should be a glorious kind of shimmering spectacle which we fully expect and demand. The good things is that ideal should be a guarantee, for the project CHEZ ALI is Elias Mahfoud, is a super talented singer/songwriter & producer, who makes jingle-jangle indie music that just sings volumes of bullets in this single.

In a good way, mind you.

So, the bullets are his words, and subsequently the machete is his guitar work. The nuclear bomb, as it happens in this fabulous single ‘Adore You’ is the chorus. Yes. It’s that one inflection moment when during the phrase “Will I ever see your face again??”

I adore you. I adore every single thing.
I adore you.
Will I ever see your face again??

It’s just a change in half a degree. But it’s as delicious as the gap is wide from here on Earth to the Vega System Billions of miles away into deep space.

The beckoning, the longing, AND the excitement of infatuation and lust, is rolled up in that one moment of a phrase, of an inkling, and of electrons moving in and out of your neurons.

Elias is a Sweden based musician whom we got to know through his contributions in the band STEVE BUSCEMI’S DREAMY EYES (fyi, another fabulous band). And Elias had been working off and on for this solo project, performing for the first time as himself earlier this year, demonstrating first the single ‘Blue Cheese’ (reviewed February 2018).

Now here we are. With another CHEZ ALI joint, and we’re IN.

“Looking back on the initial meeting with that special someone, to the point that you’re almost obsessed and the thought of your next meeting brings excitement and energy to your life” Elias commented about his new single.

On the new upcoming EP ‘Buenas Noches Club’, Elias recalls about his producer Luki: “He helped me produce “Blue Cheese” and also helped write some songs on the EP while also serving as a producer. What I like about our relationship is that we come from two different scenes. I’m deeply involved in the indie scene in Sweden, whilst Luki’s background as a producer/songwriter is rooted in pop. It’s a clash of cultures, but somehow we make it work and I’m glad we met”.

Word. And it’s easily traceable in ‘Adore You’, for sure.

‘Buenas Noches Club’ is rep’ed by Rama Lama Records (Melby, Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes, Kluster etc.) on November 9th, and will be available on limited pink vinyl as well.

1. Buenas Noches Club
2. Adore You
3. Shake Shack
4. Blue Cheese (Prom Edit)



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