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Song Of The Day! CHRIS FERRANTE Shares Instantaneous ‘Rain’. “I Miss You. But Live Your Life First. Promise?”

You and I had the best time of our lives in that long and majestic summer. Your golden halo never subsided, and I was mesmerized by the tenderness of you smile. I’d fallen in love with your smile, your gentle personality, your beauty. The beauty of you, radiated to me, and to everyone around.

I was dumb not to have approached you earlier. I always regret not having done so, because I could have had one more minute, on more second with you in this sometimes harsh world.

Song of the Day!

I miss your touch.

I miss your gaze.

I miss your kindness.

I miss just being next to you.

You left me on that summer night, many years ago. And I think of you, always. It hasn’t stopped. Your grace has never left my side.

“Have I gone crazy? What’s wrong with me? Why do I miss you so?”

“No. It’s not your fault. You love me, and I loved you. But life had another direction for me. I miss your tenderness, too. And everyday, I wish we were now together, filling our life with the happiness, we should have had the chance to fulfill.”

“I wonder when I will see you again?”

“Don’t worry about that. Live YOUR life first. Promise?”

‘Rain’ is off of Chris’ new EP ‘Memories’. The New Jersey based artist takes a different stance in his new EP offering. And that indie-pop-folk direction is beautiful in the presentation and aesthetics. His lyrics span a ‘life-time’ of our imaginations and past collages in experiences, and it’s fabulous.

Chris’ departure from hard-rock is a head-turner, and shows the deeply embedded yearning he had for telling stories in a different light.




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