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Song Of The Day! Christian Cohle ‘Drown Me Slow’ : The gorgeous landscape of this single, can’t but drape you in sartorial extravagance.

Christian Cohle / Photo: Narayan Van Maele

‘Drown Me Slow’ is a venerable archetype, resistent to the norms of sight then sound. A perpetual limitations, of emotive algorithms, derived from the mindful and utter salutation of Christian Cohle. It is a marking of a cinematic and viscerally divine journey, described in waves.

Dublin-born producer/singer/songwriter Christian Cohle revels in this chameleon-esque virtuoso of vibes. A colorful charms, be-speckled in shimmer, adorns your sense of self and reality, just for a moment. Suspending in that impending irreversibility, the tantamount gravity, pushes you down and forth.

Your muscles ache, with every stride. But each segment of ‘Down Me Slow’, glistens with talent and it helps you re-charge in the melancholic beauty that is offers.

Early next year will come Cohle’s debut album ‘Holy Trouble’. And through it, Christian will continue to cement himself as one of the most exciting electronic artists to land into music this year.

Rich with folding apparitions, ‘Drown Me Slow’ contextualizes with ultimate vigor and descriptive vision.

All layering and moving under Christian’s immensely powerful vocals, the gorgeous landscape of this single, can’t but drape you in sartorial extravagance.


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