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Song Of The Day! Citris Shares ‘Eternally, Eventually’. “Kick off your shoes…in nu-grunge heaven.”


Citris Shares ‘Eternally, Eventually’. It is a passion project of Brooklynite Angelina Torreano, and from her latest brings further modernized and unintentional 90’s grunge sounds that echo of good times and better time ahead.

Serving as the lead guitarist and vocalist, Angelina, she stated: ““‘Eternally, Eventually’ is the feeling of never fully mastering love or knowing what it even means but knowing that loving yourself is probably enough and in loving yourself, you have all you need. And there’s safety in that.”

Angelina’s mesmerizing psychedelic vocal attentions, set straight our sensibilities and kinda crush on her musical beauty. The punk attitudes flow feverishly from the song lamenting of the inequities of the world, but celebrating the fact that maybe, just maybe things will be alright.

Like Citris would say, the project “is a psych, grunge, pop, indie, alternative music for your ears and tastebuds.”

The team consists of Angelina Torreanos’ songs and Chris Krasnows’ arrangements.

What a combo.

What an offering.


Marcela Szwarc


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