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Song Of The Day! Cogito ‘Century’s Flood’ : Folk revelry drips with elegance in her concepts.


Beautiful hymns, hidden in the velvety memories of her heart, invitingly explodes into shards of gratitude in reality. ‘Century’s Flood’ is Cogito’s single, decadent and expertly written, the poetry of honesty digs deep as a water well, to envision what had and, now, will be.

“This song is about a moment of big changes in my life,” said Cogito. “where a lot of things were happening all at once and it felt like a defining moment. Like a flood or storm that is so massive it only occurs once a century.”

Alex Pienkowski is the gorgeously talented singer/songwriter, who comes from the depths of a galaxy, delightfully sculpted for us mortals to indulge. A California gal, living in Brooklyn, the sultry revivals of folk revelry drips with elegance in her concepts.

And as we listen to ‘Century’s Flood’, we wonder what the sting of incidents that compelled her in the month of March, for such writing. We’ll just singalong, in the meantime.

Look for her upcoming EP soon.

Get swept by Cogito.


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