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Song Of The Day! Courting ‘Popshop!’ : Liverpool blokes with the sharp wit and smile, do their best for us to take it all in.


Liverpool four-piece Courting sings ‘Popshop!’ – a short, fast paced song, with lyrics offering wry bemusement about the commodification of music.

The world is where it is. And when works of art is turned, inevitably, into such an exchange in the marketplace, the cracks of stress can be in-depth and very much personal.

Said the band: “’Popshop!’ is about the music industry, the idea of selling out and consumerism. The name is derived from Keith Haring’s store of the same name, and the idea that it is positive for your art to be consumed by a larger audience rather than only seen as something for upper class art collectors or something to buy for its future resale value. We’re also poking fun at bands writing the same song over and over again, and wishing that we could sell our bathwater like Belle Delphine.”

Sean Murphy-O’Neill (Guitar/Vocals/Cowbell), Sean Thomas (Drums/Vocals), Michael Downes (Guitar) and Sam Brennan (Bass) brings the fun to the state-fair, as the fantastic guitar rhythms and characteristics of the project and song, bring your dancing bits of your body to the fore, in the best of circumstances.

‘Popshop!’ is a criticism, but it’s the way reality is. And the Liverpool blokes with the sharp wit and smile, do their best for us to take it all in.

By that we mean their music.

Look for more from this smashing band.

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