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Song Of The Day! Cousin ‘Spare’ : Delivers with angsty undertone, marked by effervescent smiles of hope.

Cousin / Photo: Andreas Bøcher

Beautiful melodies dominate and drench your heart’s desires with one fell swoop in ‘Spare’. Cousin is the band, and the quartet from Denmark, delivers with angsty undertone, marked by effervescent smiles of hope, and deliberate contrasts that describe our emotional containments, wanting to fly like the soaring birds.

‘Spare’ is off the debut EP ‘Your Models Are To Blame For Your Love’, available now.

Said lead singer Mikkel Werling: “‘Spare’ is a reflection on this topic. When you travel back in time, by scrolling through your wall on Facebook, I think many will nod in agreement with the notion that you don’t even remember posting any of the stupid things you have written or done at that time. Even when you have grown older and hopefully wiser, the Internet never forgets.”

“[The single] has been put through many different musical arenas. We have been playing a lot of different versions, including one with a quite slow and fragile beat,” said bassist Jakob Stougaard Wang. “And the only time, we have performed it live, was in an intimate, minimalistic setup with only keys, synth pads, and vocals. Therefore, we feel that the final single has become the best version of the song.”

Life isn’t as generous sometimes, but despite the odds against, we, as human beings, go forth with equal enthusiasm. Though the song digs into the ecosystem of technology and stretch of the human condition, it brings to the surface our delicacy and fragility of our minds, hearts and desperations.

After publishing 4 singles on Soundcloud, 2 music videos, played various concerts in Denmark, and supporting names such as Barselona (2017), Aksglæde (2017) and TÅRN (2018).

“‘Spare’ is a question concerning responsibility in this situation. Should we apologize for not knowing any better when we were younger? Should we be held accountable for something we don’t even remember doing? Can we be forgiven for what we have said?”

Mikkel Werling, Victor Møller Poulsen, Jakob Stougaard Wang and Laurits Holm are together the project, Cousin.


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