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Song Of The Day! Dan Koshute Shares Single ‘Breath Poetry’. Upcoming Album Drops September 7th.

DAN KOSHUTE’s single ‘Breath Poetry’ is a driving and grinding assault on your brain’s little ear-drums, pounding and never ceasing. Your castle of notions are rammed by the cannon-balls, encapsulating and purging of that decadent toxin within your very fiber.

The ‘siege’ will be complete.

And the prophecy comes to pass in this fabulous single.

From the get-go, the intro guitar riff draws you in, then Dan’s falsetto-esque vocals help you to stretch your neck, bit to the side and eager, for the fangs of this song to puncture, and relieve you of the ‘day’s’ stresses.

It’s a throwback, but not – at the same time.

The Pittsburgh native is talented. Really, really talented and with the new album (‘All The Way Always’) coming on September 7th, we all (you, us, world) should be engaged with Dan and his band.

“The process was a kind of a dark night of the soul at points,” explains Koshute, “because I did nothing but record for 4 months of my life, but it broke through something and established a new standard of creativity in me.”

Love this song. Then let’s listen to his album later on when released.

We’ll bring the popcorn and party favors.




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