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Song Of The Day! Danny Barwick Shares ‘Room 201’. “Gorgeous, doesn’t begin to describe it.”

Hannah Gatland

‘Gorgeous’ doesn’t cut it with the music within the single ‘Room 201’. Like a secret that only you were privileged to know about, when the song purposefully drizzle out of that pandora’s box, you’re drawn to its simmer, its palpable antiquity and charming instigations.

DANNY BARWICK’s melancholic instrumental and vocal experimentalist, revelry of a single, does our indentured minds a brilliant service, waking up the heart and intuitions. Once forgotten, the switch turned, and the roar of that silent engine, penetrated the sonic shields. In this life, and in another, a third of the remnants, quiver and weep, as ‘Room 201’s limitless explanations, trounce you into small little slivers.

Song of the Day!

‘Gorgeous’ it sure is. We’ll accept that word, for human methods of communication is limited.

Lush, mysterious.

Contentious, digitally damning.

Sudden, but rigid.

The jazz and soul background of his, with utter strength, elevates ‘Room 201’ to an emphatic effervescent. Hence, we cheer the protagonist, hidden int he notes; hidden in the parallels.

The undulating textures, and curtain shaded emotional raptures, dignify the soulfulness.

The dignity is all for us to embrace and desire.


Hannah Gatland


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