Song Of The Day! Danny George ‘We’re Young’ : Feeling the gentle breeze hit your face with a refreshing reminder to that outcome.

Danny George

Here and now. Regrets and being absolved. Through the fingers of living, many things fall through like grains of sand. But alas, you take what is possible, with a half-full attitude.

Said Danny: “I grew up in a small suburban town that’s main attractions were just a few night clubs and a cinema complex. As a teenager, I spent most of my time driving around on road trips, picking up friends from nights out, crashing house parties and anything fun that would keep us distracted from a typically sterile situation.”

‘We’re Young’ is the quintessential single about a moment of time and space, silent and in respite from the harried bustle of the world outside. Rolled up window, deadening the whooshing of the potentials, you close your eyes and mind and think to the next steps of your evolution.

Youth, though fleeting, leaves residues of lessons learned and door cracks for opportunities to come.

You roll down the car window again, realizing, you’ve got miles ahead – feeling the gentle breeze hit your face with a refreshing reminder to that outcome.

You smile.

Danny’s 80s synth pop production, is loving in every way.

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