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Song Of The Day! Darity ‘Everything’ : We’re an oak tree, looking for its stage in the sun.


From Darity, comes something vast and intimate in ‘Everything’.

It’s the everything that we’d dreamed, in our current lives, and our future thoughts. A gliding and fluid encouragement of the life that could be, pushing us forward and then some.

The warmth and thoughtfulness, in essence of beauty, delight and tickle our noses with whimsical tidings and invocations.

First conceived on the road in 2017, singer/songwriter Linsley Hartenstein’s, ‘Everything’ is a song of “encouragement and hope”.

A song of what’s to come, and what’s remaining to be discovered, the internal exploration of song, reminds us that we’re merely a seed that hasn’t blossomed.

But that we’re an oak tree, looking for its stage in the sun.

Lovely, indeed.


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