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Song Of The Day! Darren Jessee Shares ‘Anything You Need’. The Glance. The Chance. The Light Touch.

The cinematic artistry of veteran musician Darren Jessee is fabulously demonstrated in his latest released single ‘Anything You Need’. The song is the delicate aroma from flowers of foregone pasts, of love torn affections, and of what could have been, that which Should have been.

The glance.

The chance.

The light touch.

That phantom kiss.

Manifesting through our limited senses, we love and hate. Hating to be recognized and stipulating the difference in you. Loving, in order to be singular and whole with that gang mentality for survival. The jungle of life is thick with wide leaf vegetation, and there needs to be a change or it will eat you up, chip by chip.

‘Anything You Need’ is a single off of the upcoming August 24th solo album.

It’s quiet and simple.

But the complexity if inherent and won’t be missed.

Shouldn’t be missed.

That’s why this single is our Song Of The Day!



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