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Song Of The Day! David Ramirez ‘Lover, Will You Lead Me?’ : Gorgeous. Helps us to cope and maybe – just maybe – communicate a bit better, for betterment sake.

David Ramirez

How do you write love songs when you’re heartbroken? How do you sing about hope and passion when yours is lost? How do you finish an album when the relationship that inspired it has ended?

Mesmerizingly engaging conceptualization, clicks with reason in an illusory vacuum of passions and longing. David Ramirez’ single ‘Lover, Will You Lead Me?’ is a bluesy and jazzy collision of genre re-defining song craft, where emotive explanations in heart, trail blazes with grit and empathy.

Said David: “I had recently fallen in love with a woman who, despite having only just met, felt incredibly familiar to me. There was a deja vu within our moments together. It was scary but comfortable. I started thinking about my youth and my first loves as a teenager. I felt invincible and strong like I had been reborn. In past relationships, no matter how eager I was to feel loved and to give love, there had always been a hesitation to crawl out of my old life. I didn’t feel this with her.”

Love isn’t easy. That’s the gap of the universe where David flourishes. As his interpretation – nay, translation – comes hard and full at the heels of some of our hardest experiences. Between heart to heart and human actions to dreams, we weave sometimes a desperate mistrust. What we expect are sometimes wrong of the other.

David lays them on the line. Helps us to cope and maybe – just maybe – communicate a bit better, for betterment sake.

‘Lover, Will You Lead Me?’ is gorgeous.


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