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Song Of The Day! DELANY Starts Off 2019 Right With Single ‘Through A Lot’.

DELANY’s latest single ‘Through A Lot’ is r&b love. It’s a complete extravaganza of soul, funk, and all around narrative for the carnage of relationship you’re just about to embark. You know who you are.

With deep funky bass, as the frame to this attack to the senses, helps you realize your dancing feet. As you realize your affection for the deep loyalties toward the girl of you dreams – you are crushed by the responsibilities of it all.

But you can do it. You can rise to the occasion – delegating and readying your heart for new adventures all but consuming love.

Song of the Day!

Jeff Jackson (Kanye West, Rihanna, John Mayer, Common, Brent Faiyaz) has joined with Delany to finalize this delicious serving of musical rapture.

Shimmer. Glitter. It serves as the perfect front-space for what goodness that awaits our new ventures in trust in another.

“The first thing all my friends said when I showed them the initial beat idea was something along the lines of – this is so sick, but how you gonna sing over this? It sounds like a hip hop beat,” Delany stated.

“Lyrically, I wanted to try and express the close-up, human detail of the story… the sweat, the taste of smoke, the sound of gears changing as a car throttles through the night… and then parallel that with a bigger, cosmic tension, with constellations and mythical beasts marching out to war with the gods to match the inner turmoil of the central character”.

Agreed, indeed.

Let’s all melt with ‘Through A Lot’.



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