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Song Of The Day! Delusive Relics’ Single ‘A Woman’s Diary’. Diabolically Absorbing.

DELUSIVE RELICS’ music is not only a blend of multiple genres, but it is a fascinating description of how our human emotions are such, as well. From hot to cold, to intellectual to being just ‘animalistic’, our species have a way of being the antithesis of what we strive to be. However, it’s not a binary choice, in that we can become the highest of moral and ethical member of the animal world, history has ever witnessed.

And in a song like ‘A Woman’s Diary’, even if you don’t understand where the story takes place, you can feel where the story of the contrasts ‘have been’. It’s you, it’s them, it’s us, it’s the world – a group story of survival, death, pragmatism, and bounty.

It’s where art, flourishes and wells up to the brim of excellence.

One cannot exist without the other.

The fantastic enigma of a band consists of Frank Nik and Anis Oveisi, and the duo are working on their 11 track album ‘Chaotic Notions’, which will be soon revealed.

From rock to synth, ‘A Woman’s Diary’ grabs you and doesn’t want to let go. The lyrical works, strengthened by Laura Roehrig’s unique vocals, ratify the tensile convictions. The song is dedicated to “all the men and women who are fighting for gender equality across the globe”, they stated.



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