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Song Of The Day! Devon Braxton Shares ‘Why You So Quiet’.

Complete in every way, New Jersey based artist, Devon Braxton, brings good vibes to a very personal story in the newest single/music video and title single, ‘Why You So Quiet’.

“Growing up very shy, I would always get the same questions asked everyday: ‘Why are you so quiet?’ ‘Why are you so serious?’ ‘Are you bored?’ ‘Are you angry?’ After finally discovering who I am, not only as an artist — but as a person, this is my direct response.”

With the best of pop and r&b baked into the DNA of ‘Why You So Quiet’, Devon delivers with fabulous tones and execution to his work. Vibrancy is the key word for the single, which is heightened by the fun and light vibe of the fabulously well made music video.

Simple, direct, clear, and boppin’, the indie artist doesn’t hesitate to take the best traditions of music and make it his own.

This New Jersey performer found inspiration in a wide variety of musical legends, leading to a diverse and eclectic style that refreshingly defies categories. From the grooves of Prince, the appeal of Michael Jackson and the songwriting genius of Stevie Wonder, his music is a concoction of explosive song-writing, insightful lyricism and hooks.

‘Why You So Quiet’ has that 00′ tinge of Usher and Justin Timberlake and casts a sunshine of smiles and attitudes. The message is to never let things stop you, as you were. Evolving into the new you, and staking your claim, makes it all worth while.

The EP ‘Why You So Quiet’ drops this November.

Humor, focus, talent, and the knack to make it happen – all of the words to describe Devon’s latest.

Let’s look for more from the vibes of Devon.



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