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Song Of The Day! Diamond Thug Shares ‘The Woods’.

Diamond Thug is certainly thuggish with their music. Subtle, brutal, grating, and empathetic – the lines are blurred and cast in a malign hue between reality and subjugated ecstasy.

The South African band has arguably been digitally streamed the most with 10M streams over the last 18 months through their own independent label Kudukudu Records.

Their latest single ‘The Woods’ is as, Chantel, the lead vocalist for the band, explained: “‘The Woods’ is about being lost in a dense forest of emotional isolation, while on a walk through the wilderness. We wrote a scratch of the song in a practice room in London and then recorded it across continents, while I was in the French Alps and the band was back in Cape Town.”


Chantel’s vocals set up the stage for the vibe that comes into their music. It is that enigmatic membrane, secure in its heights, but just humble enough that new and revised adventures in emotions can cross over. This accepts the notions of palpable story telling, and compelling construction of sounds, even when the story is of the banal or ordinary. The results are always tuned to be extraordinary and refined.

Grammy Award winner Darryl Torr, who had this to say about the band: “When listening to Diamond Thug, you are taken on a journey. It’s the effortless vocals, supported by a solid band that tips you over the edge & pulls you through into their world. It’s rare to find a voice that can execute such interesting melodies so effortlessly as well as a band that leaves space for the vocals to shine, yet are able to maintain musical integrity.”

Indeed. We agree.

They released their 12-track debut album ‘Apastron’ on April 2018. Look for even more from the group with the power to make your ears hum.

The band consists of: Chantel Van T (Vocals & Synth), Danilo Queiros (Bass & Synth), Adrian Culhane (Vocals, Guitar & Synth), and Ted Buxton (Drums).

See them on October 24th @ The Jagger Lounge, Cape Town South Africa.



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