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Song Of The Day! DIVVAS ‘Koac’ : pulls you apart at the seams. Stemmed into existence in light of alt-pop attentions.

DIVVAS / Photo: Tatjana Rüegsegger

The world melts into puddles as the duo, DIVVAS, poetically and significantly beautify their surroundings with ultimate words of finality and narrow escapes.

‘Koac’ is another gorgeously purposed single of magnanimous riots and calm exultancies. All contrast in the helps of beautifully casting new neutralities in hopes and dreams, peers and jeers, with uncounted dead bodies, of knowledge and succumbed reticence. It’s a wall art painting, in audible dips and alt prose.

Corinne Nora and Dave Eleanor together are DIVVAS and their work in ‘Koac’ pulls you apart at the seams, with harmonies twinkling with off kilter notes, stemmed into existence in light of alt-pop attentions.

This gorgeous institution of light and night, shimmers in the most unadulterated and visceral delight, as it continues to ask the hard and mysteries for and of life’s givings.

Your strewn carcass of sinew and memories, lie on the floor of ecstasy, as Corinne and Dave, calm you down for the next dimension.

Inconceivable, indeed.


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