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Song Of The Day! DMTV ‘Alt-wrong’ : So fun. So good. So fast. So chic.


In late 2018, after two years of witnessing the effects of a new administration, DTMV started preparing for the worst by focusing on the future. Alt-wrong is about the exhaustion of the working class and the loop they are kept in to benefit corporate and political interests.

Purity of punk/alt rock goes RIGHT with DMTV. It’s the very attitude and vibe of Ramones and it burns the house down the way it should.

EP ‘EP.1′ is so fun. So good. So fast. So chic. Bring out the leather, the denim, the hair comb to make sure where you’re going to rock. And where you’ll be rockin’ will be here, now, and with DMTV.

Simple as that.

Nik, Kenny, Danny and Alex makes you want to have fun.

You better oblige.


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