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Song Of The Day! dollface ‘ACAB’ : Scream. Throw the game. Reveal the game. Scream, again. Smile in ecstasy.


Arguably insipid. Arguably, undeniable. Arguably stocked in nuclear propulsion. It explodes in the challenges. It explodes with apocalyptic ambience.

‘ACAB’ is Ashland Oregon based experimental rapper dollface’s gift that keeps on slicing you to bits. A screamoid excellence, the blood bath of ‘ACAB’ drips into your soul and doesn’t let o.

Said dollface about ‘ACAB’: “This is an angry song about America’s deep-rooted systemic police problems. All proceeds from this song will be donated to the PDX Bail Fund.”

Simple. Radical. Rebellious. Majestic in message. There’s nothing like a shower of scream to get you started in the morning.

dollface obliges with giddy darkness.

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