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Song Of The Day! Dolly Spectra ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’ : Throws caution to the winds and kisses you goodnight with that twinkle that keeps you engaged.

Dolly Spectra

Weird is what you make of it. Normal isn’t always the bee’s knees. In both spectrums, Dolly Spectra absolutely hits a home-run with her latest single ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’. The artist with the wit and gumption of pop that grips, ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’ is a mass of hinting sounds, groovy hithers, and magnificent culminations of how ‘happiness’ could be. Not a song for anything ordinary, its extraordinary vision is nostalgia and familiarity rolled into what we need today.

“‘Whatcha Gonna Do’ is an electronic dance pop song born out of the anger and disappointment I experienced when some truly unreliable jerks let me down,” said Dolly. “It was liberating to write.”

Dolly’s upbeat experimental electronic dance pop song throws caution to the winds and kisses you goodnight with that twinkle that keeps you engaged. In the best traditions of Bowie, DEVO, Davi Byrne, and St. Vincent, the pop goodness blasts you in your eyes and makes you smile to the hilt.

Added Dolly: “I hammered out the beat with my drum machine in about 20 minutes and just let this weird scary bitchy rap flow out of me. A lot of what you see in the screwball kung fu acid sci-fi music video is real – I performed all the harness stunts in an aerial studio and later found myself in a nice lady’s home where she put her pet ball python around my neck.”

It’s the best yet from Dolly Spectra.

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