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Song Of The Day! DOT VOM Shares ‘Maddie Mori’. “I won’t lie down like this! I won’t!”

DOT VOM is a San Francisco band that is here in this dimension just to tickle your inhibitions and thoughts of melancholy deep within your heart; and in your brain, your legs, your back, your motivations. Listening to ‘Maddie Mori’ this is apparent right away. The rock habits of this single is 60’s splashed, and is built with the kind of exquisite method to its construction; which in turn is beautiful and goose-bump inducing.

Listen. Just listen. Close your eyes.

Then listen to the ending.

It’s the metaphorical ending of a Saga.

The end is of that panning from the sad face of a girl on the cliff of life. Someone who’d always been seeking what her existence meant.

With tears pouring from her eyes, with regret streaming down, hitting her past transgressions, and then falling into bits – sullen and worried and filled with trepidation.

Then she opens her eyes, in the wind-scaped jungle. Something clicks in her heart.

A fire is started. A self prevailing passion engulfs her. You see the change of conviction in her eyes.

“I won’t lie down like this! I won’t!”

Camera pans back from her, culminating in an angel shot of where she currently exists – a place she’s Already Escaped in mind.


In 2018, the five member band dropped their new EP ‘Melatonin’ (available now).

This is a new and beautiful evolution, and with Dany Ricci’s strength of conviction in her singing, there are great things on their way, we’re certain. We’re fans.



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