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Song Of The Day! downy ‘Dune, Scatter. Persistence Of Vision’ : Shower you with thoughtful inklings, scaring your notions for normality and the banal.


Experimental rock band from japan, downy’s single ‘Dune, Scatter. Persistence Of Vision’ (砂上、燃ユ。残像) is gorgeous, diabolical, dark, sultry, marauding. It captures a place of doubt and spawn a host of deliberate psyches of anticipation of youth, anger, nonchalance, and angst. The derision of inner-scapes propose a different kind of universality for the other side of the coin.

Said the band: “‘Dune, Scatter.Persistence Of Vision’ is a very important song to us. It’s the last one we made before the loss of Yukata Aoki, our guitarist, who passed away. His sound will continue to live on forever in this music.”

“The song represents the joy and sorrow of life and death,” the band added. “With crossing rhythms, noise on the verge of collapse, and a melody that falls and blooms again, we’re trying to convey the message that life is not only breathing, it’s also leaving a permanent rut through creation.”

downy consists of Robin Aoki (vocals, guitar), Aoki Yutaka (guitar), Nakamata Kazuhiro (bass), Akiyama Takahiko (drums), and Zakuro on Visual production. The combination of each talented brush strokes, offer delicate and timely manners of expressions, soulfully excavating the harshness of life, as they come forth.

In this single, another example of non-compliance to the norm, shower you with thoughtful inklings, scaring your notions for normality and the banal.


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