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Song Of The Day! DRAAG Shares ‘Sorry (Dispensa)’. Contrast In Texture. Black & Blue In Ecstasy.

Running. Running. Running away. From you. From me. From the world of my construction. The tragedy of my living, and dying, is inconsequential to the love and hate you had for my loathing. The existential bartering our relationship had, was vulgar, was unbearable.

Song of the Day!

Pour that milk on the cereal you wanted to eat that morning. You made me kick it over to the cat, when you were done. I was compelled, damn it.

I was goaded into that sickening place of rampant garbage of our senses.

I was slashed in depth of blood soaked skin and bones.

Then I see you laughing.

Laughing? You dare to laugh at me?


I love you.

Twisted and magnificent is ‘Sorry (Dispensa)’ from DRAAG. The almost goth-rock sounding singularly majestic sonic experience is dang too good to not talk about. The ripe guitars, the pauses in flight, the airy courses of notes behind the ‘intentional’ and ‘foreboding’ vocals.

The song is a time-bomb that never explodes. It’s all about the pen-ultimate climax, before the climax.

It’s a treat for the sonic senses.



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