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Song Of The Day! Draumr ‘Elsewhere Forever’ : Beautiful and distinct sounds to an ethereal dream pop and glo-fi, uproar.


French musician Gabriel Cheurfa brings his beautiful and distinct sounds to an ethereal dream pop and glo-fi, uproar. Settling in an atmosphere at the crossroads between ‘Air’, ‘Beach House’ and ‘Paul McCartney’, ‘Elsewhere Forever’ is a wistful melody about a long lost love. It is portraying a man at its lowest, lost in time, dwelling on the past, as he faces himself, his wrongdoings and his flaws for the first time in a long while.

The project weaves a delicate web between genres to explore the strange universe of images, sounds, and doubts of dreams fading in the morning. Draumr deals with the sensitivity of those whose affinities lie beyond society’s addiction to sensationalism, far from the deafening battle for our attention, whose lively flame too often silently die out under the weight of an inhumane reality, these dreamers who seem today increasingly rare. In a stance absent of judgment, the artist wishes to paint a fantastic and lunar landscape over the absurd drama of everyday life.

The music video was directed and animated by the rising French collective, Chroniques Cosmiques.

The song is taken from his first album ‘Drawn-Out Daydream’, due to come out in Fall 2020.


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