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Song Of The Day! Drew Citron ‘Free Now’ : Iridescence, transcends. Unmistakable embrace. Raptures your inkling for what it is to be.

Drew Citron

With clarity of mind. A heart to heart conversation. Your own evidence for truth – your personal truth – seemed to have abandoned you at a crucial moment. The self-pity and juxtaposition to confidence, in its infinite wisdom, parried and sullied into non-existence, exposing your delicate marrows for life as you’d known it.

Free Now channels the “destabilization, hope, disappointment, and excitement into nine aching, radiant”, self-reflective songs.

Vocals profound, as Drew Citron’s unmistakable embrace, wraps and raptures your inkling for what it is to be.

To be you, the challenges must be deflected. A wave of surges, transpire into a thousand sun-like smatterings, crushing your future visions, darkening your methods to go forth.

Frozen in time, and in your memorial, the pension for self, lies on the floor of your majesty – looking for a way to be rebuilt once more.

‘Free Now’ delivers every bit of “pain and joy”, for all to share.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But in this case, Drew’s iridescence, transcends.

Hear more of this Brooklyn based arts on her LP, out now.


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