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Song Of The Day! East of Someday ‘Free’ : Enchanting in every way. Humility, honesty, and reverence of revival.

East of Someday / Photo: Elvira Glänte

Let the duo of East of Someday (Maria Winther and Sara Skoglund) take your cares away. The day is better with ‘Free’ soothing your body and soul. The grand scheme of life and what retains, brilliantly is expressed in the beautiful vocals and folk tinged pop construction.

“The word ‘freedom’ has been on everyone’s mind lately,” said the duo. “Starting out as a song about inner personal freedom it has become much more than that. We hope that this song can bring courage and hope in a challenging time and help people relax and breathe through the summer. Love is all there is.”

‘Free’ is the first single release of an upcoming EP.

As songwriters they find inspiration in the songwriting movements of the 60’s and 70’s ( David Crosby, Jimmy Webb, Carole King) and in philosophy and poetry (Alan Watts, Leonard Cohen, Elizabeth Bishop). With influences from singer-songwriter/folk /jazz /pop /rock, the music takes form in the simple and of the sophisticated.

A beauty lies beneath the glowing embrace of ‘Free’. It’s enchanting in every way, as its humility, honesty, and reverence of revival, gather forces to understand. Granular intimations, further entice the core of what makes us humans on this tiny little blue ball amongst the stars.

Large in philosophy. Profound in the day-to-day. Maria and Sara, delivers.


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