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Song Of The Day! Eckoes Shares ‘Cages’. “Obsessively surreal. Beautifully Formed.”

ECKOES fires another fabulously formed single ‘Cages’ for our hearts to dig. The British musician’s star has been ever brightening as the fresh representation of emotions flow unobtrusively through the vocals of her talents.

Off of the upcoming electronica EP’Cages’ is her latest and the ambient resolution to a state of mind and soul, sticks at the core of what it’s meant to be and will be for our individual mindset and gregariousness. It is a signals to the upcoming highlight in life; it is a flashing designation to the plight of our future – all compensating in the creatively manufactured sensibilities of light, of dark, you, and us.

There’s a mesmerizing an tantalizingly gripping state of affairs with ECKOES’ vocals. None-traditionally wispy, yet soulfully powerful and caressingly electronica, the merging of Universes with her single, really can dowse the most understated days into a gloriously brighter outcome. It’s a counter-intuitive perception, we have to admit, but the brooding and the dark, sublimate and dance, as it ingeniously makes you uplifted and happier.

That’s what ‘Cages’ does.

Intriguing, talented, evocative, ECKOES reaches deep within you and, especially in ‘Cages’, doesn’t want you go. Beckoning you to stay, and to delight in the majesty of it all.

See ECKOES next at BOtanique in Bologna, Italy July 5th.



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