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Song Of The Day! Edge ‘Vice City Vibes (sscrcy)’ : Again. Genre blending skills once again – distinct – rhythmic – undeniable.


Produced by Flowers in Narnia and Ramoon, ‘Vice City Vibes’ is a two-part song of modern day 80’s disco mixed with hip-hop vocals and Afro-fusion. Edge is the artist. And his dominant creativity showcases his versatility and genre blending skills once again – distinct – rhythmic – undeniable.

Said Edge: “Its taken me a while to find my sound, but this song is it! I feel the most comfortable and confident I’ve ever been in creating music, I know people are really going to love this vibe.”

‘Vice City Vibes’ pays an ode to his childhood influence GTA Vice City, hence the name, and as you listen you’ll find that he leaves sonic traces of his Nigerian roots in the song.

Edge is making new paths for himself.

Edge is the new edge.

Sounds begotten, beckoning into new quarter of tastes and lusts.


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