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Song Of The Day! EESE Shares ‘Odd Repair’. “The gray never sounded so good.”

Cologne, Germany based trio, EESE, hypes it up and takes it down, with this sumptuously delicious, guitar driven reggae tinged offering of single, ‘Odd Repair’. The brilliant shimmer off of the large deck of resistance and mayhem, comes this delicately converging strength and conviction that is irresistibly sound.

Said the band: “‘Odd Repair’ was written, recorded and mixed by ourselves. We blended electronic and analogue sounds in order to create a unique pop-experience. The song is lead by catchy and atmospheric vocal parts as well as impulsive guitar and bass and drum sounds.”

From the predictive crunch of each stunted guitar lick, expanding ever so proudly though the electronic notes, ‘Odd Repair’ brings a sophistication that is simple, yet refined. A culture of darkness is resisted by the light, as the voluminous vocal harmonies in support of the distinct and valiant lead vocal, castrate the demons of the night and surges with strident victory and musical anonymity.

‘Odd Repair’ is a marching order to a different musical philosophy and fresh in its ambience.

The ‘gray’ never sounded so good.

Their debut EP ‘Money’ was released in 2017, and they’ve been hitting the circuit and producing themselves fab singles like ‘Odd Repair’.

Look for ‘Odd Repair’ to be part of an upcoming release in 2020.



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